Aid for the development of innovative young companies (Startup's) technology-based and innovative SMEs high intensity. Madrid's community

Bases: Order 2960/2018 (BOPC 08/09/2018). Call cofinanced by FEDER 2019: Order 5056/2019. Extract (BOCM 19/07/12) Time applications: 15 working days from the day following excerpt published in BOCM call. From 15/07/2019 to 08/02/2019. The submission of applications will be processed by the recipient electronically Object: The aid is [...]

Investment aid for modernization and innovation of commercial SMEs.

Bases: May 23, 2016 ORDER (BOCM 07/06/2016) modified by order 05/12/17 (BOCM 06/02/2017) and corrected (BOCM 04/07/2017) modified by order 22/04/2019 (BOCM 08-05-2019) Call. 2019 extract: 26/06/2019 order (BOCM 07/10/2019) Time applications: 15 working days from the day following the publication of the extract of the announcement day. FIN 31/07/2019 [...]


Information Note Societies 2018 Campaign The main novelty of the Societies 2018 campaign is that, from 1 July 2019, no aid program PADIS Model 200, which will be replaced, for tax periods beginning on or after 1 available January 2018, by a form of aid (WEB Societies), with [...]

2019 aid to rental housing (tenants direct aids)

Bases: Orden 08-04-2019 (BOCM 10-04-19) Convocatoria. Extracto: Orden 21-05-2019 (BOCM 24-05-19) Plazo solicitudes: será de 15 días hábiles desde el 27-05-2019. Fin 14-06-2019 Objeto: concesión de ayudas económicas correspondientes al programa de ayuda al alquiler de vivienda y al programa de ayuda a los jóvenes en su modalidad de ayuda para el alquiler […]