Economists and Lawyers Herrera, aware of the economic environment in which businesses operate today, with incessant changes at different levels (policy and legal, among others), is committed to providing its customers with the material and human resources to solve

Our clients are companies, whatever their legal form or size, which operate in many different sectors, and they find in us excellent advice, maximum availability, personalized service and an agile and efficient.

Our firm has a highly qualified staff whose commitment is to offer comprehensive advice to companies in all aspects: legal, tax, labor, accounting / auditing and financial.

Economists and Lawyers Herrera makes available to its customers:

  • Complete Business Management, Supported on the latest developments in software and management consulting, including business purely financial aspect, and staff from the owners, requiring planning your privacy and personal advice.
  • Individualized Study taking into account the specific circumstances of our clients.
  • Quality.
  • Trust, loyalty and personal. We work on building strong relationships with each client future.
  • Effectiveness and responsiveness. We are ready to provide fast and effective solutions to complex technical operations.