Clarification on Extraordinary Benefit for cessation of activity for the self-employed

Following the publication in the Official State Gazette of Royal Decree-Law 8/2020, of March 17, on extraordinary urgent measures to face the economic and social impact of COVID-19, a extraordinary benefit for cessation of activity. The validity of the same is limited to one month, from March 14, 2020, or until the last day of the month in which the alarm state ends, if it continues for more than a month.

The benefit will be recognized for:

– todas las actividades económicas incluidas en el Anexo aprobado por el Real Decreto 463/2020 de 14 de marzo. A este anexo se añaden a los establecimientos comerciales exceptuados de la suspensión de apertura a los establecimientos sanitarios y a los centros o clínicas veterinarias y se limita la actividad de peluquería solamente a los servicios a domicilio.

- or for those self-employed or self-employed workers whose billing in the previous month (when referring to the previous month, the previous full calendar month will be understood, that is, if requested in March, the month of February will be compared with the 6 months precedents) to which the benefit is requested is reduced by at least 75 percent in relation to the average billing for the previous semester.

The requirements to access the benefit are:

a) Be affiliated and registered, on the date of the declaration of the state of alarm, in the Special Regime of Social Security for Self-employed or Self-Employed Workers or, where appropriate, in the Special Regime of Social Security of Sea Workers.

b) In the event that its activity is not directly suspended by virtue of the provisions of Royal Decree 463/2020, of March 14, prove the reduction in its turnover by at least 75 percent, in relation to with the one carried out in the previous semester.

c) Be up-to-date in the payment of contributions to Social Security. However, if on the date of the suspension of the activity or the reduction in billing this requirement is not met, we will invite the self-employed worker to pay the fees due within a non-extendable period of thirty calendar days. The regularization of the overdraft will produce full effects for the acquisition of the right to protection.

The prestación it will consist in:

70 percent of the regulatory base, calculated in accordance with the provisions of article 339 of the General Social Security Law, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 8/2015, of October 30. When the minimum contribution period is not accredited to be entitled to the benefit, the amount of the benefit will be equivalent to 70 percent of the minimum contribution base in the Special Regime of Social Security for Self-Employed or Self-Employed Workers or , where appropriate, in the Special Social Security Scheme for Sea Workers.

The duration of the benefit will be:

One month, extending, where appropriate, until the last day of the month in which the alarm state ends, in the event that it is extended and lasts more than one month. The time of receipt will be understood as listed and will not reduce the periods of benefit for cessation of activity to which the beneficiary may be entitled in the future.

Other considerations:

- The perception will be incompatible with any other benefit of the Social Security system.

- The worker members of the associated work cooperatives who have chosen to be classified as own-account workers in the corresponding special regime will also be entitled to the benefit.

- The withdrawal from the Special Scheme is not mandatory, since during this exceptional situation the listing is suspended. Therefore, it will not be quoted during this situation.

- It is not necessary that the worker unsubscribe from his activity (model 036, model 037)

- Flat-rate self-employed workers are also entitled to this extraordinary benefit.

- The self-employed companies are also entitled to this benefit.


  • Documentation necessary to manage the service (throughout the morning we will have available the specific templates for this service)

- CATA COVID-19 request.
- Sworn declaration.
- Photocopies DAYS / NO.
- Model 145.
- Bank certificate of ownership. In case of not being able to provide it, any documentation that proves that the self-employed applicant for the benefit is the holder of the bank account in which the payment of the benefit is requested (photocopy of the passbook, screenshot of the banking app ...)
- If your economic activity is not included in the Annex, a certificate will be required that accredits the economic losses in the month prior to the request.






Public shows.

Leisure and fun:



Exhibition venues.

Party rooms.


Other premises or facilities similar to those mentioned.

Cultural and artistic:


Movie theaters.

Squares, venues and bullfighting facilities.

Other venues and facilities:

Congress Pavilions.

Concert halls.

Conference rooms.

Exposition halls.

Multipurpose rooms.



Premises or closed rooms.

Soccer, rugby, baseball and similar fields.

Basketball, handball, volleyball and similar fields.

Clay pigeon shooting ranges, and assimilable.

Shooting galleries.

Tennis courts and assimilable.

Skating rinks, ice hockey, skates and the like.

Swimming pools.

Boxing, wrestling, judo and similar venues.

Permanent circuits of motorcycles, automobiles and the like.


Racetracks, dog tracks and the like.

Pediments, ratchets, squash courts and the like.

Sports centers.

Bowling alleys and assimilable.

Billiards and assimilable rooms.


Running tracks.


Other premises, facilities or activities similar to those mentioned.

Open spaces and public roads:

Pedestrian race routes.

Cycling, motorcyclist, automobile and similar test routes.

Motocross, trial and similar routes.

Nautical tests and exhibitions.

Aeronautical tests and exhibitions.

Other premises, facilities or activities similar to those mentioned.

Recreational activities:

Of dance:

Discotheques and dance halls.

Youth rooms.


Premises or venues, without spectators, intended for sports-recreational practice for public use, in any of its modalities.

Games and bets:


Establishments of collective games of money and chance.

Game rooms.

Recreational rooms.

Raffles and tombolas.

Other premises and facilities that can be assimilated to recreational activities for Games and betting in accordance with the provisions of the sectorial regulations on gaming.

Specific betting locations.

Cultural and leisure:

Amusement parks, fairs and the like.


Fair booths.

Zoological parks.

Children's recreational parks.

Open spaces and public roads:

Verbenas, parades and popular parties or folkloric manifestations.

Leisure and fun:

Special bars:

Cocktail bars without live music performances.

Cocktail bars with live musical performances.

Hospitality and restoration:

Taverns and cellars.

Cafeterias, bars, cafe-bars and the like.

Chocolatiers, ice cream parlors, tea rooms, croissants and assimilates.

Restaurants, self-service restaurants and the like.


Hotel bars and restaurants, except to serve their guests.

Banquet halls.


We will attend to the different doubts as they arise, I hope that this information helps you and, above all, that it facilitates the process derived from this management.