ACUERDO de 27 de diciembre de 2018, del Consejo de Gobierno, por el que se fija el calendario para el año 2019 de días inhábiles a efectos del cómputo de plazos administrativos en la Comunidad de Madrid. (BOCM 28-12-2018)

Article 30.7 of Law 39/2015, of October 1, on the Common Administrative Procedure of Public Administrations, determines that the Administrations of the Autonomous Communities, subject to the official working calendar, will set, in their respective scope, Non-working days for the purposes of calculating deadlines, including non-working days of the Entities that make up the Local Administration corresponding to their territorial scope.

Consequently, at the proposal of the Vice President, Counselor of the Presidency and Government Spokesperson, and after deliberation, the Governing Council,



The calendar of non-business days for the purposes of computing administrative deadlines, which will govern during the year 2019 in the Community of Madrid, is set in the following terms:

  1. A) They will be non-working days throughout the territory of the Community of Madrid, in addition to Saturdays and Sundays, the labor holidays in this Autonomous Community that appear in the Resolution of October 16, 2018, of the General Directorate of Labor, of the Ministry of Labor, Migration and Social Security, by which the list of labor holidays for the year 2019 is published ("Official State Gazette" of October 20, 2018), and which are listed below:

- 1 of January New Year

- January 7, Monday after Epiphany.

- April 18, Holy Thursday.

- April 19, Good Friday.

- May 1, Labor Festival.

- May 2, the day of the Community of Madrid.

- August 15, Assumption of the Virgin.

- October 12, National Day of Spain.

- November 1, All Saints.

- December 6, the day of the Spanish Constitution.

- December 9, the Monday following the Immaculate Conception.

- December 25, Nativity of the Lord

  1. B) In addition, the days of their respective local festivals, which appear in the list approved by Resolution of December 5, 2018, of the General Directorate of Labor, of the Ministry of Economy, Employment, will be non-working in each municipality of the Community of Madrid and the Treasury of the Community of Madrid, which declares the local labor holidays in the Community of Madrid for the year 2019 (OFFICIAL BULLETIN OF THE COMMUNITY OF MADRID of December 20, 2018).


This agreement will take effect on the day of its publication in the OFFICIAL BULLETIN OF THE COMMUNITY OF MADRID, and must also be published in the “Official State Gazette”.