Consulting Consultants-herrera

Being an entrepreneur and starting a business is not anything. We know, we were also entrepreneurs assemble our company and now we are here to help.

We offer comprehensive advice to entrepreneurs and SMEs.

In addition to advise on tax, labor, financial and accounting matters, we also bring our expertise in entrepreneurship, through analysis of the viability plan and funding. Seeking grants and subsidies necessary, considering the most appropriate legal form and providing a comprehensive service throughout the processing of high administrative authorizations, licenses and permits.

There are many things to consider to create a company. We will accompany you so that you only have to worry about your project, we'll do the rest.

To do this in our advice to start-ups, we offer information, guidance, advice and support needed to develop the project in different areas:

  • Information on how to develop a business plan.
  • Information on incorporation procedures.
  • Information on employment law, commercial, etc.
  • Information on grants and subsidies.