A proper tax planning can save money and avoid surprises.

Work to be done in this area:tax-herrera-advisers

  • Preparation and filing of monthly, quarterly and annually.
  • Assessment of tax contingencies.
  • Planning fiscal performance and its impact on the accounting structure.
  • Monitoring and analysis of the impact of different taxes, both state and regional and local:
    • Corporation Tax.
    • Income Tax (Withholding, Expenses for travel, etc..).
    • Added Value Tax.
    • Excise.
    • Income Tax for Non Residents and International Taxation.
    • Inheritance and Gift Tax.
    • Transfer Tax and Stamp Duty, Corporate Operations.
    • Municipal taxes (IAE, IBI, Goodwill, Licenses, etc ....).
  • Assistance to potential tax audits that may occur, whatever the tax inspected.
  • Support and advocacy for possible requirements or proceedings before the Tax Management or Collection of the State Tax Administration Agency, including suspensions, to rescheduling.
  • Resources, where appropriate, bring it decided against administrative tax, both before the Regional Administrative Economic Court and before the Central Economic-Administrative Tribunal.
  • Administrative appeals on tax matters, Courts of Justice, High Court and Supreme Court.
  • Related Party Transactions: Law 36/2006, of 29 November, on Measures for Tax Fraud Prevention, established a new regulation for transactions. Herrera Economists and Lawyers are aimed at both our customers as tax advisors.
  • Herrera Economists and Lawyers has expertise in the world of local treasuries, since, the Local Taxes are important tax figures are handled with great regularity in the tax advisory firms, to the extent that it is taxes that are required to meet annually all citizens and businesses, ranging from basic legal system (Law Regulating Haciendas
    In applying the principles of local autonomy and tax law reservation contained in the Constitution, the system of local taxation is designed on the basis of a basic legal system, as reflected in the Law Regulating Local Tax.
    Regarding the municipal tax system, there potestativos taxes and mandatory, as are applicable in those municipalities which have established explicitly, or should be required in all municipalities.
    The management of local taxes is allocated, in general, to local institutions themselves, they will apply the rules set out in the General Tax Act and its regulations development, but can adapt by adopting the corresponding fiscal management ordinances