2019 AID PLANS development and implementation of EQUAL

Bases: Order SSI / 1196/2013 (BOE 28/06/13) Announcement: RSL 23-05-19. Extracto: BOE 30-05-19

submission deadline: 10 working days, counted from the day following publication of the extract in BOE

Objeto: subsidies for the development and implementation of an equality plan for SMEs and entities of between 30 and 49 workers that for the first time develop and implement equality plans for promoting effective equality of women and men, and to eliminate discrimination on grounds of sex according with the provisions of Art.49 of the LO 3/2007.

Implantación voluntaria.

Deadline for completion of the subsidized activities shall be from the date of the award decision and the 31/08/2020.

BENEFICIARIOS: companies, cooperative societies, joint ownerships, associations and foundations between 30 and 49 workers que adopten por 1ª vez un plan de igualdad.

No podrán ser beneficiarias aquellas SMEs or entities with staff from 30 and 49 workers that prior to the date of publicación de esta convocatoria have prepared an equality plan, con independencia de que hayan obtenido o no subvenciones o ayudas públicas para dicha finalidad. Nor beneficiaries may be entities that are required by law or agreement to adopt an equality plan.

Requisitos: Los planes de igualdad deberán impulsar principalmente acciones en relación con:

  1. a) Área de acceso al empleo.
  2. b) Área de condiciones de trabajo.
  3. c) Área de promoción profesional y formación.
  4. d) Área de ordenación del tiempo de trabajo.
  5. e) Área de prevención y actuación frente del acoso sexual y del acoso por razón de sexo.
  6. f) Uso no discriminatorio del lenguaje, la comunicación y la publicidad.

maximum quantum: 6.000€.

Gastos subvencionables:

  1. a) The amount of each grant is determined by the total amount of the expenditure incurred then incurred by the entity, with the limit of the maximum amount referred to in the preceding paragraph. Only a single rate for each entity will be awarded.

  1. b) The grant is intended to cover the following charges

  1. a) Cost of derivative elaboración del diagnóstico de la situación de la entidad en relación con la igualdad de oportunidades entre mujeres y hombres.
  2. b) Gastos derivados de la elaboración del plan de igualdad.
  3. c) Gastos derivados de la implantación de la primera fase Application of the three measures set as priority in the plan of equality, such as those caused by internal awareness campaigns and / or external, training, and / or new hires related to equality plan.

  • The actions planned for the development of diagnosis and plan of equality, as well as those arising from the implementation of the equality plan can be implemented directly by staff of the institution itself or by an external entity specializing in equal opportunities and non-discrimination labor relations, to a percentage, in the latter case, which may not exceed 50% of the total amount of the grant.
  • No serán subvencionables investment property and amortization expenses, purchase of equipment or furniture and infrastructure, and expenses whose value is higher than the market or those who do not respond unambiguously states the nature of the subsidized activity
  • In no case they are considered eligible expenses indirect taxes when they are capable of recovery or compensation or personal income taxes
  • All expenses charged to the grant must correspond to the subsidized activities and be made between the date of the award decision and August 31, 2020, and paid prior to the end of the period of justification