Call of the Community of Madrid of the COVID line of direct aid to the self-employed and companies to support business solvency in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

The Agreement of the Governing Council of April 28, 2021, published in the BOCM of April 30, has approved the procedure and the call for the covid line of direct aid to autonomous communities and companies to support business solvency provided for in RD-law 5/2021 financed by the government […]


NOT OBLIGATED to declare: (Art.96 and DT Eighteenth Law 35/2006 and art.61 Regulation) Taxpayers who have obtained income exclusively from the following sources in fiscal year 2020, in individual or joint taxation: a) Full income from work , with the general limit of 000 euros per year when they come from a single payer. Also […]

On the occasion of the regional elections called for May 4, 2021, we attach the resolution published in the Official Gazette of the Community of Madrid on the indications in relation to the permits that workers may have for their right to vote as voters . By way of synthesis: […]


Dear client, On the occasion of the new wording of article 28.2 of the Workers' Statute, which passes to dictate the following: "The employer is obliged to keep a record with the average values ​​of wages, salary supplements and extra-salary perceptions of his staff, disaggregated by sex and distributed by […]

Extraordinary splitting of the 2020 income tax return payment

Extraordinary fractioning of the payment of the IRPF 2020 declaration for beneficiaries of benefits related to ERTE during 2020 Order HAC / 320/2021, published in the BOE of April 7, regulates the extraordinary fractioning for the payment of the tax debt derived from the declaration of personal income tax for financial year 2020 for beneficiaries of related benefits […]

New Covid Line of direct aid to the self-employed and companies to support solvency and reduction of private sector indebtedness

Royal Decree-Law 5/2021, of March 12, published in the BOE of March 13, 2021, creates the Covid Line of direct aid to non-financial and self-employed companies (businessmen and professionals) most affected by the pandemic (sectors of the attached Annex), with fiscal domicile in Spanish territory or when it is […]


The Community of Madrid by virtue of the ORDER of December 30, 2020, of the Minister of Economy, Employment and Competitiveness, which declares the amount of the budget credit available for the direct concession, during the year 2021, of the Incentive Program to Permanent Contracts has created a series of grants […]

Accounting news

Entry into force and application of RD 1/2021: it will enter into force on January 31, 2021, and will be applicable for fiscal years beginning on January 1, 2021. In particular, the regulations are expressly kept in force of adaptation of the PGC to infrastructure concession companies […]

INFORMATIVE CIRCULAR Temporary employment regulation files related to COVID-19 protection measures for workers - other labor measures

Royal Decree-Law 2/2021 for the reinforcement and consolidation of social measures in defense of employment (BOE 01-27-2021), which enters into force on the same day of its publication, establishes the extension of the ERTEs linked to COVID- 19, under conditions similar to those existing up to now, extraordinary measures to protect workers, measures of […]