Dear Customer,

As you have probably heard through the media, in the Debate on the State of the Nation yesterday, new measures to promote permanent contracts and reduce costs were announced;

- The "flat rate" of 100 euros solely with employer contributions for common contingencies, these now represent 23.6% of the base salary of each worker, however the rest of contributions (for professional contingencies, Unemployment, FOGASA

- According to the statement, the measure can be applied to any company or autonomous hiring a worker in a stable manner, regardless of company size, the "flat rate" will last 24 months, but the company promises

- Regarding the type of contract, it is said that it must be permanent, but the day is specified, although it is reasonable that this measure is applicable only to workers employed full time (we will have to wait for the publication in the BOE

- In addition to the requirement for employment, enterprise or self that this reduction or bonus applies, shall, as in the rest of bonuses to stay current with payments to the Tax Office and the Social Security;

- The entry into force, although the statement indicating that it will be for new contracts signed from February 25, 2014, will be back to what is stated in the final publication in the Official Gazette.

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