This time I leave a request from one of the largest associations of tax advisers in our country. We will wait for the answer ................

The REAF-REGAFSpecialized organ Consejo General de Economistas de España, has requested the extension of the deadline for submitting self-assessment Q1 2014 and in March this year, which ends in general, on 21 April (22 in the Autonomous Communities where 21 is a holiday too), by matching the last days of the Easter term.

According to practitioners of the Register, in that period were of filing of the first quarter and March for the PIT-models withholdings and payments split-Corporate Tax-models withholdings and first payment split-models VAT, Excise Manufacturing, etc..
Por un lado, deadlines for declaring already tight, teniendo en cuenta que algunas facturas del mes de marzo se pueden recibir hasta el 15 de abril y, por otro, this time the last day of the period are holidays.
Prosecutors Council of Economic Advisers also complain to continue with a reduced filing period in which the payment is made by direct debit, Which in this case is 1 to 15 of April, July, October and January in the quarterly statements, and from 1 to 15 the following month on monthly statements.
Finally, and as repeatedly stated in public inquiry several regulations, officials say the REAF-REGAF not understand the commitment of the Ministry to eliminate the deadline for self-assessment of the month except July than before, and in response to the economic and social reality of our country, was made in September and already this year, will have to make from 1 to 20 August, in the holiday period and matching to week of the term in which the year, companies and professionals, are working fewer employees.
Juan Ignacio González Olmos