This Order will take effect from 00: 00 hours on September 21, 2020 for an initial period of fourteen calendar days, which may be extended. The measures established in this Order will be applicable a all the people that are found or circulate, as well as those persons who are owners of any economic, business or establishment for public use or open to the public located in the affected population centers.

Municipality of Madrid:

Carabanchel District. Basic health areas: Puerta Bonita. Good views. Guava.

Usera district. Basic health areas: Almendrales, Las Calesas, Zofío, Orcasur, San Fermín.

Villaverde District. Basic health areas: San Andrés, San Cristóbal, El Espinillo, Los Rosales.

District of Villa de Vallecas. Villa de Vallecas basic health area.

District of Puente de Vallecas. Basic health areas: Entrevías, Martínez de la Riva, San Diego, Numancia, Peña Prieta, Pozo del Tío Raimundo, Ángela Uriarte, Alcalá de Guadaíra, Federica Montseny.

District of Ciudad Lineal. Basic health areas: Doctor Cirajas, Gandhi, Daroca, La Elipa.

Municipality of Alcobendas. Alcobendas-Chopera basic health area, Miraflores.

Municipality of San Sebastián de los Reyes. Reyes Católicos basic health area.

Municipality of Getafe. Basic health areas: Las Margaritas, Sánchez Morate.

Municipality of Fuenlabrada. Basic health areas: Alicante, Cuzco, France.

Municipality of Parla. Basic health areas: San Blas. Isabel II.

Municipalities of Humanes and Moraleja de En medio. Basic health area Humanes de Madrid.

Specific preventive measures to apply

  1. The entry and exit of people is restricted of the territorial areas included in the previous section, saved for those displacements, adequately justified, that occur for any of the following reasons:

  1. a) Assistance to health centers, services and establishments.
  2. b) Compliance with labor, professional, business or legal obligations.
  3. c) Attendance at teaching and educational centers, including nursery schools.
  4. d) Return to the place of habitual residence.
  5. e) Assistance and care for the elderly, minors, dependents, people with disabilities or especially vulnerable people.
  6. f) To travel to financial and insurance entities.
  7. g) To carry out required or urgent actions before public, judicial or notarial bodies.
  8. h) To carry out renewals of permits and official documentation, as well as other administrative procedures that cannot be postponed.
  9. i) To carry out exams or official tests that cannot be postponed.
  10. j) Due to force majeure or situation of need.
  11. k) Any other activity of a similar nature, duly justified and accredited.

The circulation by road and roads that pass or cross the territorial areas that constitute the object of this Order will be allowed as long as they have origin and destination outside of it.

The movement of residents within the affected territorial areas is allowed, always respecting the individual and collective protection measures established by the competent health authorities, although the population is discouraged from traveling and carrying out non-essential activities.

  1. Attendance at places of worship It may not exceed a third of its capacity and the minimum interpersonal distance of 1.5 meters and the use of a mask must be guaranteed in any case.

  1. Attendance at wakes It is limited to a maximum of 15 people in outdoor spaces or 10 in closed spaces, whether or not they are living together. Participation in the entourage for the burial or dismissal for the cremation of the deceased person is restricted to a maximum of fifteen people, among relatives and close friends, in addition to, where appropriate, the minister of worship or similar person of the respective confession for the practice of the funeral rites of farewell to the deceased.

  1. All establishments, commercial premises and services open to the public They may not exceed 50% of the allowed capacity and will have the legally authorized closing time, not being able to exceed 22:00 in any case, except pharmaceutical, medical, veterinary, automotive fuel establishments and others considered essential.

  1. The hotel and restaurant establishments They will limit the capacity to 50%, both in interior and exterior spaces, not being allowed to consume in bars.

The tables or groups of tables must keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters with respect to the chairs assigned to the other tables or groups of tables in order to ensure the maintenance of the proper physical distance of, at least, 1.5 meters between people seated at different tables or, where appropriate, groups of tables.

The maximum occupancy will be six people per table or group of tables and will have the legally authorized closing time, not being able to exceed in any case 10 pm, with the exception of home delivery services.

These same capacity and schedule limitations are applicable to establishments and venues where gambling and betting activities take place.

  1. The activity carried out in academies, Driving schools and private centers for non-regulated education and training centers not included In the scope of application of article 9 of RD Law 21/2020, they may be taught in person as long as it does not exceed a capacity of 50% with respect to the maximum allowed.

Face-to-face activity in these establishments will be limited to groups of maximum 6 people and appropriate measures will be established to maintain interpersonal safety distance of one and a half meters at their facilities at all times.

  1. Sports practice may be carried out in sports facilitiesBoth outdoors and indoors, as long as 50% of the maximum allowed capacity of the facility is not exceeded. Sports practice in groups is limited to a maximum of 6 people.

  1. In general and without prejudice to the provisions of this Order for specific areas, the percentages of capacity of the activities, services and facilities that are determined in the Order 668/2020 they are reduced to 50%, unless they had a lower one.

  1. The activity of the following spaces is temporarily suspended:

  1. a) Public parks and gardens.
  2. b) Playgrounds for public use.

Application of the measures adopted in Order 668/2020. In everything not specifically provided for in this Order, and in what is compatible with it, the measures that, in general, are established in Order 688/2020, shall apply in the territorial areas that are the object of the same. June 19, from the Ministry of Health, which establishes preventive measures to face the health crisis caused by COVID-19 once the extension of the state of alarm established by Royal Decree 555/2020, of 5 June, and its subsequent modifications.