Order SND / 399/2020, of May 9, for the relaxation of certain national restrictions, established after the declaration of the state of alarm in application of phase 1 of the Plan for the transition to a new normality

It will take full effect from 00:00 on 11-05-2020

CHAPTER I General provisions

Section 1 Purpose and scope

Objeto. Eestablish the conditions for the relaxation of certain national restrictions established by the state of alarm, in application of phase 1 of the Plan for the transition to a new normality.

Area of ​​application. 1. This order will be applicable to activities object of the same that are developed in the uterritorial entities that appear in the annex, as well as the people who reside in said units, in accordance with the provisions of the second paragraph of article 3 of Royal Decree 514/2020, which extends the state of alarm (BOE 05-09-2020). Without prejudice of the previous, the provisions of Chapters VIII, IX, X and XI, as well as the provisions in the articles 41 and 42 will not apply with respect to the territorial units contemplated in section fifteen of the annex. fifteen (País Vasco)

2. People vulnerable to COVID-19 they may also make use of the ratings provided in this order, as long as their clinical condition is controlled and allowed, and rigorous protection measures are maintained. They will not be able to use these ratings, either to return to their job or to go to the premises, establishments, centers, entertainment venues or carry out the activities referred to in this order, people who present symptoms or are in home isolation due to a diagnosis by COVID-19, or who are in a period of home quarantine for having had close contact with someone with symptoms or diagnosed.

Section 2. Hygiene and prevention measures (work environment)

Promotion of non-contact means of job.

Hygiene and / or prevention measures para el hardworking staff of the planned activity sectors.

Measures to prevent the risk of massive coincidence of people in the labor sphere.

Hygiene measures required for the activities provided for in this order.

CHAPTER II Relaxation of social measures. Wakes and burials. Places of worship. Freedom of movement:

It may circulate through the province, island or territorial unit of reference for the purposes of the de-escalation process, without prejudice to the exceptions that justify the displacement to another part of the national territory for health, labor, professional or business reasons, return to the place of family residence, assistance and care of the elderly, dependents or people with disability, force majeure or situation of need or any other of a similar nature. In any case, the established safety and hygiene measures must be respected. For these purposes, groups should be a maximum of ten people, except in the case of people living together. In the case of the territorial units provided for in section fifteen (Basque Country), interterritorial mobility between neighboring municipalities with regular transit is permitted for socio-economic activities.

CHAPTER III Conditions for the reopening of retail establishments and commercial premises and the provision of similar services to the public

Reopening of retail stores and premises and similar services.

Hygiene measures required of establishments and premises open to the public.

Hygiene and / or preventive measures for working personnel, establishments and premises that open to the public

Measures related to customer hygiene inside establishments and premises and in open-air markets or non-sedentary sales on public roads.

Measures regarding capacity for establishments and premises open to the public.

CHAPTER IV Conditions for the reopening of terraces of the hotel and restaurant establishments to the public. Reopening of the outdoor terraces of the hotel and restaurant establishments. Hygiene and / or prevention measures in the provision of the terrace service.

CHAPTER V Of services and benefits in the field of social services

CHAPTER VI Conditions for reopening of educational and university centers. Reopening of educational centers. Hygiene and / or prevention measures in educational centers. Reopening of university centers and laboratories.

CHAPTER VII Flexibility measures in science and innovation

CHAPTER VIII Conditions for the reopening of libraries to the public.

CAPÍTULO IX Conditions for opening museums to the public.

CHAPTER X Conditions in which the production and filming of audiovisual works must take place.

CHAPTER XI Opening to the public of the premises and establishments where cultural acts and shows take place. Reopening. Entrance, exit and circulation of the public in closed and open-air establishments. Hygiene measures for the attending public. Common protection measures for artistic collectives. Risk prevention measures for technical personnel.

CHAPTER XII Conditions under which professional and federated sports activity must be carried out. Opening of the High Performance Centers. Development of medium training in Professional Leagues. Common measures for the opening of High Performance Centers and Development of Average Training in professional Leagues. Opening of outdoor sports facilities. Individual sports activity by appointment in sports centers. Hunting and sport fishing.

CAPÍTULO XIII Opening to the public of hotels and tourist establishments. Opening of hotels and tourist accommodation. Hygiene and / or prevention measures required of hotels and tourist accommodation. Hygiene and / or prevention measures for clients.

CAPÍTULO XIV Conditions for the development of active tourism and nature activities

Disposiciones adicionales

Control of compliance with the measures of this order.

Restriction on commercial actions resulting from crowds.

Orders and instructions in development or application of the alarm state. They will be applied to the territorial units of phase 1 in everything that does not oppose or contradict the provisions of this order.

repealing legislation. Orden SND/386/2020 by which certain social restrictions are relaxed and the conditions of development of the activity of retail trade and service provision are determined ... (Gomera-formentera, etc.)

Disposiciones finales

Modification order SND / 370/2020, conditions of displacement by the child population. Adapt CCAA time slot

Modification Order SND / 380/2020, on the conditions in which non-professional physical activity can be carried out outdoors during the health crisis situation caused by COVID-19. The practice of sport fishing and hunting is not included within this authorization.

Modification Order SND / 388/2020, on the conditions for the opening of certain shops and services to the public, and the opening of archives, as well as for the practice of professional and federated sport. new art.10 bis. Hunting and sport fishing

Resource regime.

Specific security plans, organizational protocols and guides.