Boosts autonomous program in difficulties. Community of Madrid - Summary

Bases: Agreement on April 23, 2019 (BOCM 05/24/2019)

Credit Budget 2019: Order 09/05/2019 (BOCM 23/05/2019)

Applications deadline: Workers discharged in the Special Regime of the Social Security of Self-Employed or self-employed who meet the necessary requirements, may submit the application within three months since the conditions for entitlement to obtaining the aid are fulfilledThrough the form included as Annex.

May submit only one application per applicant, considering not submitted those duplicadamente arises.

Submission of applications and documentation, will be made exclusively by electronic means.

  1. previous unfavorable situations the entry into force of the Agreement: Those who had experienced the expected events, during the 12 months immediately preceding the entry into force of this Agreement, They will have an exceptional period of three months from said entry into force of this Agreement, to submit the application, meeting the same requirements established for each case.

Entry into force: 25/05/2019

Objeto: support the maintenance of self-employed activity in the region who have gone through or are going through unfavorable to their business situations.

The aid will consist of a specific subsidy for the payment of their contributions for common contingencies Social Security, allowing the self-employed enjoy an overall reduction in the payment of such fees for up to six months. They shall refer the share price by the minimum base established generally in force in the month in which the application was filed.

Beneficiaries: workers who are discharged from the RETA, including members of cooperatives, worker-owned companies and corporations framed in the scheme, provided that all of them count with a physical location and experience in your business any of the following events negative condition:

  1. a) Work carried out in public by government agencies, the execution lasting more than six months and hinder or impede access and / or visibility to your business, either by pedestrian route or, where appropriate, through your driveway. The works must have been produced at a maximum distance of 50 meters from the entrance to the establishment of the self-employed. The Community of Madrid will check the latter requirement through the Directorate General of the Cadastre of the Ministry of Finance.

  1. b) Natural disasters or unforeseen accidents that have caused the temporary closure of the business and the suspension of the activity for at least three months.

Beneficiaries of the grant must meet the following requirements:

  1. a) Provide physical establishment in the territory of the Community of Madrid.
  2. b) Have experienced in any physical property that the two events set in the previous aptdo.
  3. c) That they are discharged in the Special scheme for Self-Employed, have had or not, where appropriate, to suspend its activities temporarily.
  4. d) Remain High in the Special Regime of Social Security Workers for Self-Employed for at least the following submission of the application twelve months.
  5. e) Be aware of tax obligations to the State Administration and the Community of Madrid, and Social Security.
  6. f) To carry out its activities in the Community of Madrid.

No podrán tener la condición de beneficiarios Grant individuals who under any of the circumstances set out in paragraphs 2 and 3 of Article 13 of Law 38/2003.

Acción subvencionable e importe: Will the contributions for common contingencies that are subject to payment by workers included in the Special Regime of the Social Security for Self-Employed, for up to six months, provided that the self-employed person meets the conditions and requirements eligible.

For the calculation of the grant, they will be taken as reference the contribution for common contingencies in relation to the minimum contribution base in force in the month in which the application was filed.

The maximum amount of the grant will be equivalent to the sum of six monthly installments, as provided in the preceding paragraph, allowing the employed or self account receives aid that allows you to enjoy a reduced contribution for six months contribution to Social Security.

For the employed or self account is enjoying the time of submission of the request for further reductions or rebates on your monthly fee for common contingencies, the amount of aid may be reduced proportionally to permit also enjoy such reduction or bonus, not to exceed the amount of the qualifying action.

Obligations of beneficiaries, among others:

  • Los beneficiarios están obligados a permanecer en alta en el Régimen Especial de la Seguridad Social de Trabajadores por Cuenta Propia o Autónomos durante, al menos, los 12 meses siguientes a la concesión de la ayuda. La Unidad instructora del procedimiento obtendrá de oficio, mediante consulta, los datos relativos a su permanencia en alta. En caso de denegarse expresamente esta consulta, el interesado deberá aportar Informe de Vida Laboral actualizado para acreditar que ha permanecido en alta en el correspondiente Régimen de la Seguridad Social, durante dicho período.
  • The beneficiary is obliged to communicate any variation or termination of the conditions that gave you the right to enjoy reductions referred to in Article 3.1 of these rules immediately.

Support grants

  1. The amount of grants awarded under no circumstances may be such amount as alone or together with grants or aid from other public administrations or other public or private, national or international bodies, exceeds the cost of the object of the grant.
  2. Under the conditions set out in the preceding paragraph, the aid is compatible with other subsidies from the community of Madrid, of other public authorities, other public or private or national or international individuals, which fall on the same object entities.
  3. According to Article 17.3.l) of Law 38/2003, General Grant, any change in the conditions taken into account for the grant and, in any case, the concurrent receipt of other subsidies, may lead to modification of the subsidy.