SUMMARY MEASURES FISCALES- INSOLVENCY - REDUCE DEBT BURDEN included in Royal Decree-Law 1/2015 second chance mechanism, reduced financial burden and other measures of social order - BOE 28/02/2015


  • Declaration partially exempt entities. Amends Law 27/2014, effective for tax periods beginning in 2015, exclude from the obligation to file statements on income tax to partially exempt entities, whose total income for the tax period do not exceed € 50,000 per year, as long as the total amount of income for non-exempt income does not exceed 2,000 per year and that all reNTAS not exempt are subject to withholding. This exclusion of the obligation to declare shall not apply to entities and nonprofit institutions partially exempt to which application is Title II of Law 49/2002, and also not apply to political parties, who must submit the statement.

  • Deductions for large family or disabled by. Extends the tax incentive to separate legally ascending or outside marriage, two children entitled to annuity without food and those who are entitled to the full minimum.

INSOLVENCY MEASURES on second chance

Several articles of the Bankruptcy Law (Law 22/2003) to introduce an effective mechanism for second chance for individuals to modulate the extent of the application of Article 1911 of the Civil Code (principle of universal liability). As a fundamental novelty, a regime of debt relief for natural person debtors under the bankruptcy proceeding is instituted.

INSOLVENCY MEASURES. Settlement of payments

Several articles of the Bankruptcy Law (Law 22/2003) to regulate various mechanisms to improve the Settlement of Payments. Expanding its scope to individuals not employers also regulated one simplified procedure for them; the possibility of extending the effects of the agreement dissidents secured creditors, representing an improvement on the current system of voluntary submission before; and enhancing the figure of bankruptcy mediator, introducing the possibility of acting as such the Chambers of CommerceIndustry, Navigation and Services, if the debtor's employer or notaries, in the case of natural persons not entrepreneurs.

INSOLVENCY MEASURES. Passive mass determination

Credits for infants and losers before the insolvency food shall be considered ordinary credit.

Regulates in detail the contents of the list of creditors

OTHER MEASURES in bankruptcy matters:

Functions bankruptcy mediation of Official Cameras Trade, Industry, Services and Navigation

Rules for calculating the remuneration of insolvency mediator which shall apply until the regulation is developed regime remuneration of insolvency mediator.

Sets preceptividad no representation of the natural person debtor in the consecutive contest.

Computer application designed to act as a meter solvency in order to facilitate that any interested party may have knowledge of their personal financial situation.


Amends regulation "Code of Practice for the viable restructuring of debts secured by mortgage on the residence" introduced by Royal Decree-Law 6/2012.

Suspension launches on primary residences particularly vulnerable groups

Amends Law 1/2013 for extended until 2017 the period of suspension releases on primary residences particularly vulnerable groups, and allows more people to benefit from a suspension (the largest debtor 60). It also extends the subjective realm, increases the annual income limit of beneficiary families, calculated based on the annual IPREM 14 monthly installments.