• Disclaimer sole director of SRL notified to the society through a notary public without being convened by the board to fill vacancies. The fact that knowledge of that resignation and his remedy may be delayed for a long period of time with consequent damage to the social, justifies the requirement that the quitter, exercising the duties assumed as an administrator in his day RSL DGRN 05-06-2014. BOE 25-07-2014

  • SRL write Constitution. Expressing the code of the main economic activity, according to NACE, or all the activities that constitute the corporate purpose. If the number 1 Art.20 of Law 14/2013 establishes an obligation to declare the code corresponding to the principal activity is developed, the number 2 of the same Article goes further by requiring that the code recorded in the registration to be RSL DGRN 02-06-2014. BOE 07/25/2014, and RSL DGRN 13-02-2015 BOE 10-03-2015

  • Writing donation by a sole SL. RSL DGRN 20-01-2015. BOE 24-02-2015

  • SRL. Prescription individual action of responsibility administradores. This extensive approach is not applicable when the bad faith of the third is credited or the affected had prior knowledge of effective retirement. STA TS 19-11-2013

  • Mortgage loan. Nullity of the clause abusive floor. Restitutive effects. The Supreme Court sets as doctrine: "That when in application of the doctrine laid down in the decision of Plenum of May 9, 2013, ratified by the of 16 July 2014, Rec. And 1217/2013 of 24 March 2015, Rc. 1765/2013, and is declared unfair, therefore, no so-called ground clause inserted into a loan agreement with variable rate, it shall refund to the borrower of the interest you would have paid under this clause from the date Publication of the judgment of May 9, 2013 " STA TS 25-03-2015 sent as news 04/15/17.

  • Aumento del capital social. Waiver of preferential subscription. Representation at general meetings. The formation of the corporate will of LLCs is performed by adopting resolutions in general meeting (159 of the Corporations Act), resolutions are adopted with the majorities established by voting for each RSL DGRN 04-03-2015. BOE 21-03-2015

  • Call for general meeting by e-mail. The minutes of shareholders' meeting was convened properly having been received by the properly interested because communication via email is a certified notice. RSL DGRN 13-01-2015. BOE 19-02-2015