ORDER of 19 February 2015, the Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure and Housing, for which the regulatory basis for awarding grants to rental housing in Madrid and establishing grants for 2015 are held. (BOCM 20-02-2015)

Applications Deadline: 15 working days starting from 02.21.2015 (FIN: 10/03/2015)

Beneficiaries: sitas housing tenants in the territory of the Community of Madrid, whether free housing or protectedProvided that in the latter case they are not owned by the government or entities dependent on them.

The Tenants must be natural persons and gather all and each of the following requirements:

  1. a) Have the Spanish nationality or that of any of the Member States of the European Union or the European Economic Area, Switzerland, or kinship determined by regulations that may apply. In the case of non-EU foreigners must have legal residence in Spain.
  2. b) Hold a housing lease subject to Tenancies Act.
  3. c) That the rented property constitutes their main and permanent residence.
  4. d) That income people habitually and permanently resident in the rented premises, stating or not as holders of the lease, are not collectively exceed 3.5 times the minimum wage (€ 35,071.22) weighted according to the following formula: IUC = IPREM x 3.5 / F


IUC: Amount of income in euros of the family unit. It is understood by the whole family unit of people living in the house and enjoy regular and permanent employment stability and, regardless of the relationship between them.

For the determination of that income, will be based on the rate of the general tax base and savings, regulated in Articles 48 and 49 respectively, of the Law 35/2006 of November 28, Tax Income Individuals, corresponding to the statement or statements submitted by the applicant and by each member of the family unit on the last tax period to period expired presentation at the time of application of the aid.

IPREM: Amount of income level indicator corresponding reference year as revenue.

F: The rate fixed by the number of people within the family unit. This coefficient is:

- 1 or 2 persons: 0,800.

- 3 people: 0.776.

- 4 people: 0.744.

- 5 people: 0.704.

- 6 or more people: 0,700.

Aid may be granted where the holder or holders of the lease are in any of the situations listed below:

  1. a) are holders of the freehold or a right of use and enjoyment of any property in Spain, except that prove the unavailability of it because of separation or divorce, or may not live in any other causes beyond their control .

For this purpose it is not considered that owns the freehold or a right of use and enjoyment of a dwelling if it rests solely on an aliquot of the same and has been obtained by inheritance.

  1. b) Are kinship in first or second degree of consanguinity or affinity with the landlord of the house, or partner or shareholder of the natural or legal person acting as lessor.

Amount: It will be 200 € / month. If the amount of the monthly rent that meets the tenant is less than 200 euros, the grant shall be paid by the amount monthly rent amounting said. This grant is generally paid every month and within 12 months.

The eligibility period begin with that allowance where the deadline for grant applications corresponding to the annual call in question ends. However, for the convocation of 2015, the eligibility period will begin with the January monthly ending with the month of December.

Incompatibility: any other subsidies to rent or reductions in income which may be granted by the Autonomous Community, local government or any other government or public, except Entities concerned complement to the rent for the beneficiaries of a non-contributory disability pension or retirement regulated by Royal Decree 1191/2012. They also incompatible with the so-called Basic Income Emancipation regulated by Royal Decree 1472/2007